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The Balkan Retreat is our beautiful, rural location, situated in the centre of the village of Bešenovački Prnjavor, in the region of Srem, Serbia, on the edge of the Fruška Gora National Park. 


The Balkan Retreat is a converted small-holding and a permaculture homestead with sustainable practices in place. There is guest accommodation, 48 square metres of studio space and one-acre of land.

We believe that surroundings have an impact upon us. We provide our residency guests with aesthetically pleasing and comfortable accommodation, round the clock access to the studio, organic, homegrown seasonal food and a wild garden for you to work, imagine, lose and find yourself in. Please see for more information about the premises.


By asking artists to contribute to tasks such as cooking and gardening, we run on low budgets without compromising artistic freedom and value.

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