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David Glass Workshop
David Glass Workshop
David Glass Workshop
CREATIVE PRACTICE WORKSHOP with David Glass @ Balkan Retreat

21 - 23 May



(accommodation and meals included)

“David creates a space that enables creativity and an ability to explore feelings free of judgment. This gives us an unprecedented freedom. Those precious keys opened new doors in my life and my career.”

Jalal Ablaroubi

David Glass’ teaching in fundamental ‘creative modes’ and his Creative practice are now recognised as powerful learning frameworks and tools, and used around the world in Social development, Education and business. David believes that all humans want is to have relationships with each other, the world around them and themselves. And through this fundamental desire, creativity naturally flows. These workshops teach practical creative and innovative practices and how we can adapt these to personal, project and organisational development. These workshops are rigorous, playful and powerfully transformative.

The Creative Learning is rooted in The Creative Practice Handbook, written by David Glass—a practical guide on using Creativity to enhance the impact of social, developmental, arts and educational communities worldwide through learning, training and practice.


Audience: all ages and all levels of experience

Workshop Size: Max 10 students + camping places for up to 4 more

Workshop Duration: 3 days 

Workshop Facilitator: David Glass


Creative Practice and Modes

Creativity sits at the heart of how organisations work, how communities achieve wellbeing and how people and communities reach their full potential. The workshop will take the participants through the Five Stages of the Creative Process that is used in all forms of creative activity, from project development to arts projects and teaching:


  1. Preparation

  2. Origination

  3. Organisation

  4. Manifestation

  5. Reflection


David’s approach is fun, practical and rooted in real world skills. All of his training uses Games, Exercises and Forum Integrative learning to give a wide range of participants a direct experience and intellectual underpinning of this training. Students will come away with tools and skills and a framework that they can apply immediately to their work.

The Ensemble’s approach teaches the four fundamental engagement modes of directive, coached, facilitated and delegated behaviour. Soft, firm and strong engagement are developed with direct, indirect and ‘from behind’ approaches. In this training the participant will learn the power of open, closed and half open questioning along with the powerful relationship between proposal and provocation. The Ensemble has successfully trained facilitators in 40 countries across arts, social development and educational organisations.

David Glass

David Glass is an award winning solo performer, theatre director, writer, designer, lighting designer, filmmaker, teacher and creative thinker. He is one of the UK’s most prominent Theatre Directors and one of the principal founders of the Physical/Visual, Devised, Ensemble and Applied Theatre movements.


The workshop takes place at the Balkan Retreat, the residence of the Balkan Producing House. 


The Balkan Retreat is a permaculture small-holding, located in a tiny village, Bešenovački Prnjavor, immersed in the beautiful natural surroundings of the forested Fruška Gora National Park, in Serbia, a very accessible Central European location. It is 5 minutes walk from the National Park and 15 minutes walk from a gorgeous lake, ideal for swimming. 


The area is famous for its monasteries (the 17th in our village), magical woodland, protected flora and fauna, a wide variety of wild, edible mushrooms, magnetic fields, fresh water springs, wine, and hiking and biking routes. The area is also famous for being the birthplace of the most Roman Caesars!

Eco Site

The Balkan Retreat is a permaculture site with free-ranging chickens and Mangulica pigs. Our mission is to recycle, reuse, or repurpose as much waste/old material as we can. We try to learn from nature, rather than fight against it. We try to eat less meat, and when we do, ensure it is ethically sourced. We provide for vegetarian and vegan diets on request.

During the workshops, you will be provided with homemade, local and seasonal food and quirky but comfortable, shared accommodation. You can find photos and more information about facilities and the location on the Balkan Retreat website.

How  to get here

We can arrange a taxi to collect you (approx €40) from Belgrade (Nikola Tesla) airport (almost double if you pick one up directly outside). Unfortunately, there are no buses or trains going directly from the airport. To come to us by bus from the airport, you will need to get a bus first to Belgrade city bus station, and then pick up another bus to Sremska Mitrovica. In Sremska Mitrovica, there is another local bus to our village, Bešenovački Prnjavor or we can pick you up by car.


Alternatively, you can travel to Serbia by public transport. There are good bus connections from Zagreb, Sarajevo and Belgrade to Sremska Mitrovica, where pick-up can be arranged or the local bus to our village. Trains also from Zagreb and Belgrade. We are just 15 minutes off the Zagreb – Belgrade motorway (E70). There is plenty of room for parking.

How to Book

Please email: and we will send you a registration form.  We will ask for a 25% deposit to secure your place on the course. The rest of the amount is due before (or on) the first day of the course.

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