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Our partnership since 2017 with Otherplace Productions at Brighton Fringe Festival means you can apply every year to win a free week at the Balkan Retreat, shows in Belgrade and /or Novi Sad and free entry to the following year's Fringe with a performance at The Warren. 

The Otherplace/Balkan Award is brought to you by Otherplace Productions (The Warren) and The Balkan Producing House.


Previous winners are:

Bright Buoy (2019) 

Garry Starr (2018)

Fat Rascal Theatre (2017)


- You must have a show on at the Brighton Fringe Festival.

- We are particularly interested in companies that have a producer or ​someone in that kind of role.

- We welcome shows that might have potential in Serbia (e.g. universal language, themes etc.)

How to apply:

- Email us a few sentences about your show and your company.

- Invite us to one of your shows at the Fringe.

- More information on the Brighton Fringe Festival website in May.

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